Rock Paper Scissors
Hobby Project
Sep 2023

Implemented the game rock paper scissors using JavaScript. The actions of the computer are based on psychology research.

Simple Dictionaries
Hobby Project
Sep 2023

Built a simple online dictionary to learn Flask. Open-source contributions are welcome!

Politeness Attacks
Jun 2023

Discovered that gender biases associated with politeness levels may be used to bypass hate speech detection systems in Japanese and Korean.

AI Makeathon Finalist
Apr 2023

Developed an explainable multilingual sexism detector to be integrated into web browsers. The project won the responsible AI challenge and made it to the finals.

S-JSD Bias Measure for MLMs
Jul 2022

Developed a gender bias measure for Masked Language Models (MLMs) inspired by information theory. Can be extended to any language.

Solar System Simulation
The University of Edinburgh
Mar 2017

Newtonian simulation of our solar system. Includes The Sun, Halley’s Comet and all planets (including Pluto).